GLOOP is Liquid Object Oriented Particles
       And now for the news:

libGLOOP 1.0 Final available! -- 12 April 2001
After nearly a year of waiting, both libGLOOP 1.0 Final is out, and this website has been updated! Whee! Included is a real, working, free marching cubes lookup table, and a cool new demo to show you how its done. Download it now!
Still no makefiles, though...
libGLOOP 0.8.1b available -- 21 July 2000
It's out. Many of you know this. Hit the downloads page to get it.
What's new? A small demo program. Some minor fixes to get things straightened out.
What's to be done? Makefiles. WIndings in the marching cubes lookup table. Assinging particles unique colors, and lerping appropriately for each vertex (and the ability to turn it off at compile time.)
Actual, Real HTML -- 21 July 2000
As is plain, I have finally sat down and begun hashing out this website. It's not much to look at, of course, but hey, it's better than nothing. Harumph. The site will be going up piecemeal, though, so if a page isn't up yet, come back later...

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